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After drawing two sequences of Lyn stuck in the world that Destiny resides in, I've kind of hit a bit of a dry spell save for something that some folks like you could enjoy... if you don't have the game to start off with.

What I'm thinking of doing is seeing if anyone might perhaps want to see their OCs draw in the world of Destiny as their abilities are tied to what their life choices were before donning the gear. I can't promise these will be amazing works of art like most folks on here but same time lately been in a Destiny mood and thought it could be fun to see what other folk's OC does normally to have them visit the world with Lynelle. Can't say I'll try to make it a series given it wouldn't be fair for 5 others to tag with Lyn in the game's raid or 2 others for story/strike missions. Anyway onto the point of this, all I figure on is that you all could perhaps offer an OC, tell me a bit of themselves or look at the next paragraph or whatever so that way I could find a nice subclass for them to don as well as try to fit them into armor that could benefit said subclass.

For those interested but wants a bit more detail, I'll try to list the 3 classes followed by their subclasses so get ready for a lesson or whatever.

WARLOCKS: Warlocks are basically the mages of the three classes as they tend to be the medium in terms of survivability and damage. In lore, they are considered to be scholars who take stride in studying the unknown.
  1. Voidwalker: Voidwalkers are known to manipulate the power of the Void and can channel said power into a powerful bombardment known as a Nova Bomb. While they can deal a great amount of damage thanks to the super, the defensive capabilities of a Voidwalker is rather lackluster.
  2. Sunsingers: Sunsingers, while not as damage heavy, can offer more support as they can try to be defensive. A Sunsinger's special ability known as Radiance is able to grant the Warlock a great deal of boosts, especially with the ability to use their Radiance when they have been killed while also having their solar-based grenades recharge while under their super.
  3. Stormcaller: Stormcallers are able to channel the power of Arc/Electricity to offer a push through enemy lines. The use of a Stormcaller's super, known as Stormtrance, allows the Warlock to channel the lightning to not only shoot lightning out of their hands but to clear a wall of enemies by chaining ligihtning between targets.
HUNTERS: Hunters are considered to be the scouts of the Vanguard while offering the rogue-like element. While their armor may not be as powerful as a Warlock and Titan's, they can offer a hidden surprise for those who underestimate their potential and can cover ground quickly.
  1. Gunslinger: While considered a glass cannon, Gunslingers are considered to be possibly lone wolves but can join groups to offer some defensive abilities for the Fireteam. A Gunslinger isn't quite complete without their Solar ability known as the Golden Gun. The ability is shaped like a hand cannon and offers only three shots (without armor modifiers) and can hold said shots for a decent time, dealing quite a payload of damage to anyone hit by any of the three bullets.
  2. Bladedancer: Bladedancers are more about tactical, close range strikes than their long-range counterparts as they are known to deal extreme damage. When given the chance the Bladedancer's ability, known as Arc Blade, causes their trusty knife to surge with Arc/Electrical damage that can one shot enemies who let their guards down. While they are able to cause damage up close, they can offer their services as stealth ops thanks to Cayde-6's extraction from an abandoned lab.
  3. Nightstalker: Nightstalkers could be seen as a mix of the two previous classes, as they can scout ahead while also offering some defensive abilities. When the Nightstalkers are either ambushed or wanting to offer assistance to their fireteam, they call upon their Super called Shadowshot. Shadowshot offers a form of zone control where anyone considered a foe to the Nightstalker will not only be tied down with Void based tethers from where the bolt touched down but also weakened as they take extra damage from any source!
TITANS: To most, Titans are considered to be the Knights of the Vanguard due to how they operate. While they can offer great strength and endure quite the damage, they are slightly slower than the other classes.
  1. Striker: Strikers are Titans who wish to deal close range damage with the power of Arc and enjoys some form of control. A Striker can be known for their devastating ground pound called the Fist of Havoc, which can have the potential to clear a room of enemies out in a wave of Arc Light. Titans would only resort to the move if they feel it necessary, as they take a couple of seconds to regain their composure before resuming battle.
  2. Defender: Defenders are roughly the opposite of Strikers, putting their skills more upon shielding themselves and allies with barriers by harnessing the power of Void. When being surrounded by enemy fire and in dire need to turn the tide of combat, a Defender can call upon the Ward of Dawn to ensure a safe haven for the fireteam. While the Ward of Dawn is stationary, it isn't without it's uses for providing some buffs that can either boost a fireteams shielding or imbue bonus damage to the fireteam's weapons and abilities as long as it stands. While the Ward of Dawn can run out if the Guardian's super runs out, if extreme amount of damage is done to the shielding or the Titan who produced it is killed then the Ward will fall, exposing any potential allies.
  3. Sunbreaker: Formerly a group of Titans that left the Last City to take the fight to the Darkness as opposed to defending the walls, the group set out to become a mercenary group. While the ties to the Vanguard was... stretched due to a contract, the Titan Vanguard known as Zavala asks any Titans capable of harnessing the power of the Sunbreakers to find the mercenary group and learn the Solar based subclass. Once the Titan has become accustomed to the new subclass, they are able to wield and throw Hammer of Sol which can be useful for both defense and offense thanks to the potential of the hammers creating a bit of scorched ground for a limited time.
Phew.... that took quite the time to try and sum up the 3 classes and their 3 unique subclasses... but in a way figured if no one knew of the world's rules that it could be better than trying to search the info up. Keep in mind while I'd like to have fun with this concept, I can only do sketches of the OCs in the gear found on Destiny so please understand. Also to note, tell me what you would like your characters to be outfitted in or what their main lifestyle is like so I can try to find the best possible armor for them to thrive in the Sol System. The reason for these kind of descriptions and rules is so I can at least try to offer your OC one Exotic armor and weapon much like Lyn, even though she has on two Exotic armor, one of which doesn't offer much bonus besides extra faction reputation. Well hopefully this isn't too confusing for anyone interested and please limit to just one OC per person, at least until I'm done with your first OC if you own multiples.

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy (Very sorry) journal and have a good day.

List of OCs:
:iconblackmage20: Himself: Oryx
:iconarrowny18:'s Veronica/V/Ultra V: Bladedancer
:iconluckyjack020:'s Lucy: Awaiting details
  • Listening to: Destiny OST - Fallen S.A.B.E.R

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